Work From Home Fashion

Work From Home Fashion

March 17, 2021 Off By adminforlifestyleblog

Here we are and over a year has passed since we were all ordered to work from home in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. What many of us believed would be just a few convenient weeks of working from home has turned into over 12 months of home office.

Sure, it was fun to stay in leggings and t-shirts all day at first, but now that this seems to be the new normal and many of us are expected to appear “in office” via video conference call, it is definitely time to upgrade your work from home fashion if you haven’t already done so.

Below, we have put together a list of some of the best, most practical and stylish work from home garments for you to consider on your next online shopping spree.

Overalls and jumpsuits

We know, we know – when you think of overalls and jumpsuits, you are instantly made to think of teenagers from the 1990s, and it was generally only available in a wide range of bright colours. However, super soft, lightweight fabrics have been used to make overalls and jumpsuits in muted tones. They are extremely comfortable and can be paired with a great blazer or shirt, depending on how formal your online meeting will be.

What’s more is that because of the lighter fabrics that they are now made in, many options come with adjustable straps, making them perfect for almost every body type.


Cashmere sets are quickly earning quite the reputation of being the biggest go-to work from home outfit sensation out there. These are extremely convenient as they can either be worn paired together or with either the top or the trousers.

This versatile option is cosy and feels as though you are simply wearing pyjamas. However, these sets can make you look very chic and nicely pulled together.

Tank tops 

The tank top has long been a firm favourite fashion staple and has now emerged as one of this work from home season’s most popular items. Tank tops are perfect for layering and are now being manufactured with a range of different necklines and silhouettes.

These form-fitting designs add a sleek finish to almost any outfit, whether you are pairing them with slacks, shorts or even a skirt.

Flowy dresses 

Flowy, loose-fitting dresses have always been a firm favourite summer staple but now that most of us are working from home and making money online, they are even more favoured.

These comfortable frocks, now with added tassels, sophisticated necklines and varying lengths, are easy to throw on and can be paired with anything from a slack to a slipper (assuming no one on your conference call can see your feet!).

These kinds of dresses are also extremely versatile and can be used for any setting from your poolside to a grocery run or playing online pokies NZ with minimal effort. This is a trend that is likely to continue for the coming months as well, as a comfortable dress can simply be paired with boots or sneakers.